Definitely, your 6 months industrial training will be the deciding factor in your career. Whether or not you are heading toward your goal, these 6 months will give you the answer. Almost similar to when you want to do something, you have to be serious about it and put your very first step ahead so you may advance to the next levels. Thus, for beginners, it is extremely essential to take part in industrial training so they can put a step forward to their goal.

Course Details

Industrial Training in PHP is a modular 6 months and 3 month course, regularized over 5 days a week. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in PHP comprises:


What is Markup Language
Basic Structure of HTML
Div and Table Tag
Content Tag
Form Tag
Form Attributes
POST and GET Method
Text Input, TextArea
Checkbox and Radio
Password Field
Select Option
File Field and Hidden Fields
Submit and Reset
Creating a Live Website Form
HTML 5 Form Elements
Required, Placeholder
Email Input
Tel Input
Url Input
Date input

CSS and Dreamweaver Basics

Introduction to CSS
CSS Selectors
Universal Selector
Type Selector
Class Selector
ID Selector
Attribute Selector
Basic CSS properties
Using CSS for Realtime Practical Works
Custom Form Designing
DIV CSS Layout Design
Dreamweaver Basics
DWT Template Design

PHP Programming

Introduction to PHP and MySQL
Setup of PHP Environment (Xampp)
PHP.INI Configuration
Directives in PHP.ini
Error Types in PHP
PHP Syntax
Data Types
PHP Variables
Variable Scopes
Super Globals
Operators in PHP
Conditional Statements

Advanced PHP Functions

What is Function?
Creating Userdefined functions
Function Libraries
Predefined Functions
General Functions
Include Functions
Header Function
String Functions
Hash Functions
Array Functions
File Upload Function
Mail Function (Text / HTML Mail)
Date Time Functions
Session Functions
Cookie Functions
PEAR Package

MySQL and PHPmyAdmin

Introduction to DBMS
E-R Database Model
Understanding an RDBMS
Tables, Records, and Fields
MySQL Command-Line
PHP MyAdmin
Creating Databases
Database Engines
Creating Tables
Data types in MySQL
Creating Fields
Primary / Foreign Keys
Unique Key
Insert Records
Delete Records
Update Record
View Records
Drop Database / Tables
Backup / Restore
Connecting to Live Server

Integration of PHP with MySQL

PHP MySQL Integration
MySQL Functions
Creating a database connection
Selecting the DB
Inserting data in database
Inserting data with a File
Retrieving all records
Retrieving specific record
Retrieving data with pagination
Retrieving data in specific order
Searching the records
Editing Records
Deleting the records
PHP with Ajax
XMLHttpRequest Object
Ajax Methods and Properties
Ajax Login
Retrieving Data with Ajax

JavaScript and jQuery

Introduction to Java Script
Types of JS
JS Variables
JS Popups
JS Events
JS Functions
JS Validation
Introduction to jQuery
Installing jQuery in sites
jQuery Syntax
jQuery Selectors
jQuery Events
jQuery Actions
jQuery Validation Plugin

WordPress CMS

Introduction to WordPress
Installation of WordPress
Categories and Taggings
Creating Posts and Pages
Working with Themes
Widgets and Pluginss
Sample Site in WordPress


Client Requirement Analysis
Database Designs
Implementing Database in MySQL
Interface Design
Logic implementation with PHP and MySQL
Testing (Validation, SQL Injections)
Uploading on Live Server